Nhphp Jcaho Relationship

“JCAHO accepts delegation to existing external programs as a means to meeting the standard.”
Robert Wise, MD, JCAHO, Vice President of Standards, Division of Research

The Joint Commission was formerly the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Joint Commission Standard MS.2.6 requires hospital medical staffs to implement a process to identify and manage matters of individual physician health that is separate from the medical staff disciplinary function. To “manage matters” the standard has established “mechanisms” that each medical staff needs to include in their “process design.” Delegation to the New Hampshire Professionals Health Program (NHPHP) satisfies the criteria for hospitals meeting this standard. NHPHP is comprised of experienced experts on physician health issues and is best qualified to provide the services necessary to address identified physician “illness” and “impairment.”

NHPHP provides services in all of areas outlined in the standard with additional related services that are believed to benefit the health care professional (HCP), their patients and the HCP’s workplace. NHPHP provides confidential services in all areas required in the standard

  • Treatment planning and referral
  • Treatment monitoring and support
  • Assessment of ability to practice safely
  • Consultation to hospitals administrators, medical executive committees and medical staff offices
  • Education presentations on physician health and related issues
  • Documentation of health status necessary for hospital credentialing
  • Neutrality, objectivity and confidentiality in the context of working with hospitals, the NH Health Care Boards, organizations, practice groups, families and other systems with which the practitioner is involved.

For many reasons, NHPHP is the best alternative for hospitals in the state of New Hampshire to meet the standard. Please feel free to call NHPHP to discuss any needs or circumstances that may be unique to your facility.