NHPHP serves health care professionals who are licensed by the following healthcare boards: chiropractic, dental examiners, dietician, alcohol and drug board, mental health, midwifery, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, medicine (includes physician assistant), podiatry, psychology, and veterinary medicine with health problems, including medical conditions, psychiatric illnesses, substance use conditions, and/or personal problems such as family difficulties, stress or career issues.

NHPHP accepts anonymous calls but lacks the ability to mandate someone to NHPHP. Despite this fact, NHPHP will gladly assist in exploring options. If you have more questions concerning anonymous referrals, please contact Dr. Molly Rossignol, NHPHP Medical Director, at 603-491-5036.

No. NHPHP is an independent agency of the State of New Hampshire Office of Professional Licensure and Certification – the governing body of the NH Board of Chiropractic Examiners, NH Board of Dental Examiners, NH Board of Licensed Dieticians, NH Board of Licensing for Alcohol and Other Drug Use Professionals, NH Board of Medicine, NH Board of Mental Health Practice, NH Board of Midwifery Council, NH Board of Nursing, NH Board of Optometry, NH Board of Pharmacy, NH Board of Podiatry, NH Board of Psychologists and the NH Board of Veterinary Medicine. Individuals known to the licensing boards are typically referred by the OPLC or the licensing board to NHPHP for evaluation. Even in situations in which the licensing board is involved and NHPHP must send a report to the licensing board, NHPHP furnishes only information that is necessary for the licensing board to carry out its mission and function. NHPHP receives referrals from a wide variety of referral sources and the licensing boards mentioned above are one of those sources.


NHPHP’s policies and operating procedures regarding confidentiality are based on state and federal laws. In order for any information to be released, the participant must sign a consent form. As with any organization or provider of mental health-related services, state and federal law require NHPHPto take the necessary steps to ensure safety. That is, if an individual presents a danger to self or others, breaking confidentiality may be necessary and in some cases, considered mandatory by law.

NHPHP is a nonprofit independent organization. NHPHP’s services are free to New Hampshire-licensed chiropractors, dentists, dieticians, licensed alcohol and drug counselors, mental health practitioners, midwives, nurse licensees, optometrists, pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants, podiatrists, psychologists, and veterinarians. Participants are responsible for the costs of any additional evaluations, treatment, and drug testing if applicable.

Due to NHPHP’s confidentiality policy, NHPHP will not release information about clients without written consent from the NHPHP participant. If you would like to verify a client’s involvement with NHPHP, please contact the NHPHP client and request they complete a NHPHP Release of Information Form.

Intake questions and formal referrals to NHPHP can be made by contacting Dr. Molly Rossignol by phone or email. Dr. Rossignol will not be able to discuss a client’s case with you unless that client has signed a Release of Information form to allow this communication.

NHPHP will provide a credentialing and status report to agencies with the proper release of information. Please submit a written request to Kate Folkins at

NH Physicians and Physician Assistants are currently asked questions in the application and reapplication for licensure about their personal health issues like substance use, mental health disorders and cognitive issues. The choices available in answering these questions, are to answer “Yes” and acknowledge that one has a medical or psychiatric condition or to answer “No”, denying that conditions like this exist.  It is essential that the questions be answered honestly.


Currently, on renewal only, the NH Board of Medicine (NHBOM) allows providers whose treatment for substance use condition is being monitored by the NHPHP to check “No” but all other “sensitive” questions require details.  The NHPHP has worked with the NHBoard of Medicine to alter the initial and renewal application questions for 2020 to conform with the American Psychiatric Association’s 2015 recommended wording. The substance abuse “safe-haven” is a significant benefit on New Hampshire license renewals however the “safe-haven” only applies to your application with the NHBOM, not hospital/credentials applications or to other state applications for medical licensure. 


The staff at NHPHP are available to discuss recommendations around sensitive and  health condition related reporting.