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The New Hampshire Professionals’ Health Program (NH PHP), a non-profit organization, is a confidential resource that assists with identification, intervention, referral, and case management of NH physicians, physician assistants, dentists, pharmacists and veterinarians who may be at risk for or affected by substance use disorders, behavioral issues, mental health conditions, or other problems impacting their health and well-being. In addition NH PHP provides recovery documentation, education, support, and advocacy – from evaluation through treatment and recovery that may allow a professional to maintain licensure while undergoing treatment.

SERVICES include Consultation, resource identification and referral for:

- Professional burnout
-Substance use disorders
-Depression, anxiety and other psychiatric conditions that interfere with professional life
-Behavioral issues including disruptive conduct and boundary issues
-Problems associated with aging or declining health
-Recovery monitoring and documentation services
- Educational programs and presentations for hospitals, medical staffs, medical schools, residency programs,health systems, practices, professional associations and the medical community at large
- Stress management treatment recommendations or referrals for issues that arise from the pressures and demands of practice
-Assistance to New Hampshire practices, hospitals and medical staffs in design and implementation of fitness for duty policies and JCAHO physician health requirements


NH PHP services are provided free of charge. Payment for recommended consultations, testing, referrals, treatment and monitoring outside the NH PHP are the responsibility of the participant. Some insurance programs cover treatment.
CONFIDENTIALITY NH PHP prefers “self-referrals” but accepts referrals from any source including physician peers, professional colleagues, hospitals, medical staffs, office staffs, regulatory agencies, attorneys, treatment centers, family, and friends. NH PHP protects the confidentiality and anonymity of program participants and referral sources to the fullest extent of the law.


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